Be Cool! The Vegsicle Ice-Cream Collection

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Vegsicle Vegan Sweet Ice Sticks

Vegsicle Ice-Cream: Vegan Sticks for sweet emotions

Summer or winter, the allure of ice-cream is irresistible. With the goal of satisfying your sweet cravings while staying committed to a healthier lifestyle, Vegsicle proudly presents our vegan ice-cream range. Crafted from the finest plant-based ingredients and free from artificial colors and flavors, these ice-creams are as wholesome as they are delicious.

Vanilla Bean Dream

A classic favorite, reimagined! Savor the rich and smooth vanilla flavor made from the finest Madagascar vanilla beans. This creamy Vegsicle is a dream come true for all the vanilla lovers out there.

Choco-Coco Crunch

Experience the sheer decadence of our double-chocolate ice-cream stick, enriched with coconut milk for that added creaminess. The chocolate chips offer an unexpected and delightful crunch in each bite.

Strawberry Swirl

This beautiful blend of sweet and tangy strawberries swirled into a creamy ice-cream base offers a berry good time! Each mouthwatering Vegsicle stick is a celebration of this much-loved fruit.

Mango Mania

Immerse yourself in a tropical delight with a burst of real mango flavor. Our Vegsicle Mango Mania stick captures the essence of summer, making every day feel like a sunny getaway.

Pistachio Pleasure

Enjoy the rich, nutty flavor of pistachios combined with our creamy vegan ice-cream base. We’ve even sprinkled in pistachio pieces for an added crunch, making each bite a delightful surprise.

Hazelnut Heaven

Relish the velvety experience of hazelnut-infused cream, perfectly contrasted by bits of roasted hazelnuts. This Vegsicle ice-cream stick is indeed a slice of heaven.

Coffee Caramel Crave

Here’s a dream for all the coffee lovers out there! Our coffee-infused creamy Vegsicle is swirled with generous ribbons of vegan caramel, making each lick a caffeinated delight.

Mint Choco Chip

Dive into a refreshing mint ice-cream stick filled with dairy-free chocolate chips. It’s the perfect blend of cool mint and rich chocolate – a timeless classic.

Indulgence doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure anymore. With our Vegsicle Vegan Ice-Cream range, you can savor the flavors of traditional ice-cream while embracing a healthier, compassionate lifestyle.

Vegsicle – It’s a sweet treat you can feel good about!