La Patisserie de Vegsicle – Vegan Dessert Sticks

Vegan Food on Sticks

Vegan Dessert Sticks

Sweet and Delicious – as we continue to redefine what’s possible with vegan cuisine, Vegsicle is delighted to bring a whole new culinary experience to our patrons: The “La Patisserie de Vegsicle – Vegan Dessert Collection”. We’ve embraced the elegance of patisserie creations and transformed them into a convenient stick format – an innovative fusion of international dessert delights and on-the-go convenience.

1. Turkish Delights on a Stick

The richness of Turkish dessert traditions becomes even more delightful in our hands. We present:

Vegan Baklava Sticks

Experience the crunchy and sweet delight of Baklava, now in an easy-to-eat format, without compromising any of its traditional flavors.

Tahini Halva Sticks

Indulge in the unique texture and subtle sweetness of halva, perfectly transformed into a stick for your convenience.

Lokma Doughnut Sticks

Dive into these sweet syrup-infused doughnut balls, skillfully presented on a stick for an effortless treat.

2. Swiss Patisserie Reimagined

Inspired by the elegant simplicity of Swiss patisserie, we offer:

Vegan Nusstorte Sticks

Enjoy the sweet and nutty flavors of traditional Nusstorte, now innovatively shaped into a bar for easy eating.

Swiss Chocolate Fondue Sticks

Experience the richness of Swiss chocolate with a variety of frozen fruit sticks, perfect for dipping and savoring.

Vegan Leckerli Sticks

Relish this hard spice biscuit’s unique taste, beautifully reincarnated with vegan ingredients into a stick form.

3. A Taste of Asia

Experience the distinct flavors of Asian desserts in our unique stick creations:

Vegan Mochi Sticks

Enjoy the chewy texture and sweet red bean filling of Mochi, conveniently designed in stick form.

Coconut Milk Agar Jelly Sticks

Savor this refreshing, sweet jelly, skillfully shaped into bars for an innovative dessert experience.

Sesame Ball Sticks

Enjoy the crunch of sesame and the sweetness of red bean paste, harmoniously combined and presented on a stick.

4. American Classics Reimagined

And finally, enjoy familiar American dessert favorites, transformed into easy-to-eat stick desserts:

Vegan Apple Pie Sticks

Savour the classic flavors of apple pie, with its cinnamon-spiced apples and crispy crust, now conveniently enjoyed on the go.

S’mores Sticks

Relish the gooey delight of marshmallows, the sweetness of chocolate, and the crunch of graham crackers, all on a convenient stick.

Vegan Brownie Sticks

Bite into the rich, fudgy goodness of our vegan brownies, now in a convenient stick form for an on-the-go chocolate fix.

With Vegsicle’s “La Patisserie de Vegsicle – Vegan Dessert Collection,” we bring you the world on a stick – an international collection of desserts reimagined for the vegan palate and designed for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle. Enjoy the sweet side of Vegsicle!