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Experience the Delights of the Vegsicle Range

At Vegsicle, we believe that great taste and good health go hand in hand. Each of our bars-on-sticks is a perfect blend of nutrition and delectable flavors, crafted to bring you the best of the plant kingdom. Explore our diverse range of vegan bars that caters to your every mood and need:

1. Vegsicle Berry Bliss Bar:

Immerse yourself in the blissful flavors of this Vegsicle packed with antioxidant-rich berries. Bursting with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, nestled in a nourishing plant-based protein base of almonds or peas, it’s nature’s candy bar in your hand. Sweetened naturally with dates or agave, it delivers fiber, vitamin C, and protein in each refreshing bite.

2. Vegsicle Chocolate-Almond Joy:

Indulge in the luxurious combination of cacao and almonds, mingled with the natural sweetness of dates and a hint of sea salt. This Vegsicle isn’t just about satisfying your chocolate cravings; it’s a heart-healthy treat rich in fats, protein, and iron.

3. Vegsicle Tropical Escape:

Let your taste buds take a tropical vacation with this Vegsicle. Packed with luscious pineapple, mango, and coconut, and supplemented with a chia seed base, this fiber-rich bar is a heart-healthy delight. Escape the ordinary with each bite.

4. Vegsicle Spiced Carrot-Quinoa Bar:

Venture into the savory side of Vegsicle with this innovative bar. It combines cooked quinoa, shredded carrots, chickpea flour, and aromatic spices like cumin and turmeric. This bar-on-a-stick is a protein and fiber powerhouse, perfect for a nutrient-rich pick-me-up any time of day.

5. Vegsicle Green Goodness:

Get your greens in a fun way with this unique Vegsicle. Loaded with leafy spinach and kale, it combines cashews or almonds, sweet dates, and plant-based protein powder. It’s a bar that doesn’t just taste good but also delivers a solid dose of iron, calcium, and protein.

6. Vegsicle Miso-Tempeh Bar:

Experience the power of fermented foods with this savory Vegsicle. It’s made with protein-rich tempeh, flavored with umami-packed miso and nutritional yeast, with a touch of garlic and onion. It’s a complete protein source, offering all essential amino acids and an excellent source of B vitamins.

7. Vegsicle Apple Pie Bar:

Enjoy the comforting flavors of apple pie in this sweet Vegsicle. Crafted with dried apples, heart-healthy rolled oats, and a hint of warming cinnamon and nutmeg, this bar is not just a treat but also a good source of fiber, protein, and vitamin C.

8. Vegsicle Mediterranean Bar:

Bring home the flavors of the Mediterranean with this savory Vegsicle. Packed with sun-dried tomatoes, tangy Kalamata olives, protein-rich chickpeas, and aromatic herbs, this bar delivers both heart-healthy benefits and a hearty bite.

Every Vegsicle is a commitment to quality, nutrition, and incredible taste. Dive into the Vegsicle universe and discover a whole new way to enjoy plant-based foods!