Vegan Food
on Sticks

More than a mere snack brand, Vegsicle® represents a dynamic, worldwide community devoted to the transformative potential of plant-based foods. Our mission is to nourish bodies, respect our animal brethren, and safeguard our cherished planet.

Vegan Taste
For Gourmets

Explore the exciting portfolio of Vegsicle® products, a creative collection of vegan food on sticks that blend the benefits of plant-based nutrition with the excitement of global tastes.

Food Snacks

Every Vegsicle® is a testament to our dedication to ethically-sourced, superior ingredients, chosen for their nutritional density. Guided by our steadfast commitment to taste, sustainability, and purity, we create each product with care. We believe in transparency and offer comprehensive nutritional information for our entire range.

Natural Sweets
& Vegan Ice

Snacking with Vegsicle® transcends simple hunger satisfaction – it’s a multi-sensory feast. Elevate your food repertoire by trying our Vegsicle® Ice Pops from plant-based ingredients.

Ice & Chocolate
for Your Mood

Vegan Snacking for health enthusiasts! Join us on this flavorful journey towards a healthier, tastier, and more sustainable future.
Plant-based frozen Patisserie for Candy Lovers!

The Vegsicle®
Vegan Ice Collection

Vegsicle® Ice Sticks are vegan ice pops in numerous flavors and delicious tastes, accentuating a healthy lifestyle. Our frozen Vegsicles will beautify your plant-based nutrition!

Buy Vegan Food

Welcome to the Vegsicle® family – where every bite is a step towards a greener world!
Vegsicle® – More Than Just A Snack!
  • Plant-Based
  • High Quality
  • Sustainability

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